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May 2011; due to the high cost of diesel fuel; we are holding off on order more panels.  The price per pen we'd have to charge just isn't 'cost effective'.  We hope everyone understands, and hope that the cost of fuel will decrease and we'll order another shipment.  Stay tuned for more information.

We at Robichaud Farm LLC are proud to sell roundpens manufactured by the Baird Gate Company in Middleburg, KY.  The panels are made from 1 3/4" OD galvanized 19 gauge tubing, each panel is 12' long and 5' 3" high; they pin together with an inclusive pin latch design; loop legs at the bottom of the panels help prevent them from sinking into the ground.


These roundpens are great for training purposes.


The loop leg at the bottom of each panel helps prevent the panels from sinking into the soft ground.


The panels are so versatile, they are great for traditional roundpens but also can be used for winter paddocks, spring paddocks while your pastures are drying up, mare and foal turnout, even temporary stalls.  The possibilites are endless!



The inclusive pin latch works great; no worrying that you'll misplace the pins.


Compare our price with local tack shops; you'll find its very competitive!

A 60' roundpen which consists of (15) 12' long panels 5'3" tall and (1) 4' wide gate is $1350.00; Paypal now being accepted.  We will offer a discounted price of $1200.00 for "cash/carry" customers.



The 6'3" tall panels have seven rails across and two vertical supports. *currently unavailable*


The 60' pen with 6'3" panels comes with a heavy duty gate that is 4' wide and has an arched clearance of 8'.* Currently unavailable.

Robichaud Farm LLC P O Box 30 Tilton, NH 03276-0030